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As I write this it breaks my heart. Angela Rabotte aka Sexy Climax body was found dead yesterday in the woods of a nearby county of Atlanta. I personally met her and was the first to shoot her for glam. She was the sweetest little thing. After the shoot, I stayed in touched with her and her manager periodically talking to the two about another shoot.

I was just waiting on the day. Well now I can’t, because she’s gone. I know I’m not suppose to get personal on here but fuck it I will. Why is she gone? Because some lame, bitch ass, pussy punk ass nigga (and when I say “nigga” it’s an insult, I hate that word) killed her, because he wanted sex from her. This hurts, and I’m still in shock over this, it just doesn’t seem real. Right or wrong, I don’t care, I hope this bitch get raped in prison over and over before they finally decide to kill him. He was arrested two days before they found her body. Angela leaves behind a 3 year old daughter who now has to go through life without a mother.

Ladies, please be careful out here as much as you can. There are sick fucks who just can’t handle being around a sexy girl and will do sick shit with no regard for life. This is the lowest I’ve ever felt while doing all this. Somebody I personally know and really liked is gone over something so senseless.

My apologizes for getting so personal but I had to write what I felt. Rest in peace Angie.

Update: This is the monster that did it. Get this, he did 12 years in prison already, got out on parole, violated in less than two months, and had an obsession with Angie. He deleted all of his videos and pictures on Instagram save but two. In a couple of videos, he tried to claim innocent but made himself seem even more guilty. He was the last person with her. He told the police, he dropped her off in a park at 5:30 am, left, came back and she was gone. Yeah okay, you just admitted everything we need to know. That dumb story is proof you did it.


if u don’t have a good sense of humour then i’m sorry we can’t be friends

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